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How to create a productive work office space within your home

By Shaye Williams

It is so simple to say “it’s easy working from home”, but when one day rolls into the next – feeling much the same as ground hog day – you begin to wonder.. When will we ever see the light at the end of the tunnel?

With the vast majority of us Melbournians currently working from home, the distance between the two is hard to distinguish – they have merged – Home and work are now one.

It is therefore, now more than ever, paramount to create a “routine” for yourself. Begin your day off with your “morning routine”. Make your bed, have a shower and prepare a healthy breakfast. Beginning with a routine helps to prevent a scattered start to your day.

Here are a few simple styling tips to help create that organised and super productive work space that you have been craving.

1. Desk Position
Find a quiet space in a room (preferably not your bedroom), one that is removed from household traffic noise. Think formal lounge and dining rooms. If suitable, wear noise-cancelling headphones to help drown out distractions.

2. Lighting
In your work space, ensure that there is plenty of natural light coming in. A dark room does not lead to creativity. If required, utilise table and desk lamps to light up the space. Natural light improves mood, focus, productivity and sleep!

3. Keep your space tidy
Keep only the items that you need daily on your desk. Take into consideration your workflow, from left to right. Keep minimal items in this space, such as pen pots and computer files that are required. Be sure to keep it all sorted neatly in containers or filing systems.

4. Décor items
Keep any décor items to a minimum, 3 at most on desk. Utilise your wall space above for vision boards, art work, photos and frames- the sky’s the limit here!

5. Greenery
Plants can boost productivity by up to 15% – bring in the green!

6. Keep your space calm
If your desk is a “freak out zone”, the feeling that comes with it reflects your current head space – one that’s scattered and all over the shop. Try to keep this space as zen as possible!

7. Less is more – Declutter and sort
File away any unneeded items, dispose of any unnecessary receipts and paperwork. Take care of your space! Clean up your desk, a messy space reflects your head space and how your day will roll out. A desk that is organised will roll out an organised and successful day.

8. Don’t forget to CLOCK OFF at the end of the day! Shut down your computer and turn your mobile phone on silent.

Lastly, with the extra available time that we have at home, take the opportunity to study, educate yourself, read more, exercise more – become more than we are – Stimulating our minds and strengthening our bodies is going to bring us out of this pandemic stronger than before!

Image source @project12architecture

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