We have a Net Promoter Score global giants can only aspire to

By Matthew Thompson

Nike currently ranks +30, McDonalds -8, Apple +41 and Visa +8. Ray White is rated by our customers at +78. [1]

“This is trail-blazing, and the standard of customer service is one all businesses should aspire to. A rating above +50 is considered a strong platform.” Chris Pescott, founder of Customer Monitor, says.

Indeed, the Net Promoter℠ Score benchmark for real estate agents in Australia is -41, we are setting the bar high, four years into embedding our vision of giving every customer a great experience.

How do vendors and buyers measure up
If we break our Net Promoter Score data down for the month of June we see a difference – remembering that we have been surveying buyers for almost a month. It’s also key to keep in mind that any score above zero is considered ‘good’, with anything above 50 considered ‘excellent’.

We know that our vendors and buyers have different drivers of satisfaction. It’s critical you are reviewing all of your survey responses and understanding what your customers value, what drives their
loyalty, and what doesn’t.

Breaking down the numbers

We have a score we can take pride in. By looking closely at the way our customers are scoring us we can take great learning. With almost 13% of our customers only ‘passively satisfied’, it should be an area of focus for every single one of our agents. These customers are so close to being loyal promoters, ask yourself ‘what could we do differently next time?’. More importantly, ask your customers!

Making the figures count
Response rates are almost as important as the Net Promoter Score itself. We have a target of >30% for all agents and offices, it’s a target we need to work together on. To increase your response rates take a look at page 23 of the customer satisfaction handbook.

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